It shouldn’t take tragedies to remind us how grateful we should be, but as I think about Thanksgiving, I can’t help reflecting on the devastation our nation faced this year—the Colorado shootings, Trayvon Martin, Sandy, and on and on—and want to kiss the floor and count my many blessings.  With so much loss on a grand scale and all the loss we personally experience, how can we not be grateful for simply waking up each morning?

I’m grateful for every rare second I spend with my parents, and the fact I can still hold their hands like an 8 year old child.  I am thankful for every meal I’ve eaten and every bottle of wine I’ve shared.  And it is never lost upon me that I have friends who wipe tears off my face, and who have hopped a plane to LA to be here for me.

I hope you spend this Thanksgiving celebrating your many blessings.  Every kiss.  Every cheese wheel.  Every hand squeeze.  Every glass of bubbly.  Every second you have your life, when many people have lost theirs far too early.

My best friend wrote me a letter yesterday and ended it with four perfect words:

We are the luckiest.

Indeed.  We are.  But only the lucky ones recognize how much we have to be grateful for.  May you recognize how lucky you are too.

Happy Thanksgiving from Eat Your Heart Out L.A.