Everyone in LA has an opinion on tacos.  We argue about and vote on and dissect and muse over each taco—comparing authenticity and ingredients, flavor and texture.  But as much as you may think you know tacos, you don’t know tacos like Bill Esparza, ordained the “World’s First Taccorazo” and the expert behind Street Gourmet LA.

Bill has spent years combing the streets of Los Angeles, and the rest of the world, delving into the raw beauty of this planet’s best street food.  And now he has teamed up with LA Weekly and curated Tacolandia, the upcoming June 23rd event, celebrating what might as well be LA’s signature dish.

Listen up, folks.  Tacolandia will have over 30 vendors, including Mexico’s La Guerrerense and other Baja vendors, as well as our LA favorites: Mariscos Jalisco, Mo-Chica, Chichen Itza, Mexicali Taco Co., Rocio’s Mole De Los Dioses, Bistro LQ, Picca, Loteria Grill, Gish Bac, Leo’s Taco Truck, and on and on and on.

I was lucky enough to get a taste of Tacolandia this past weekend, since Street Gourmet LA has partnered with Mustache Rides L.A. to give people a chance to taste the real LA.  On our tour we hit up three Tacolandia spots, and they were not short of heavenly.  Take a look at what we ate, and try, just TRY to suppress your burning desire to attend Tacolandia.  Impossible?  I know.  So I guess that means I’ll be seeing you at Tacolandia:

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Noon – 5 pm
Hollywood Palladium Parking lot
6215 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

$20 GA / $40 VIP (this means you also get free booze).  Buy your tickets here.


Coni’Seafood‘s Smoked Marlin Tacos.  I could die happy.


Tamales Elena‘s beauty.  If you ever need a reason to go to Watts.  Now you have one.


Mo-Chica‘s tacu-tacu taco.  It’s no question Ricardo Zarate is a genius.  That’s another story for another day.


Bill also took us to this carnitas spot completely off-the-grid.  I’d tell you where it is, but it’s much more fun if you go on your own Street Gourmet Mustache Ride and discover the spot for yourself.

My new mantra?  Tacos or bust.  See you at Tacolandia.

In Bill’s Words.